CertainTeed Weatherboards Fiber Cement Siding

CertainTeed Fiber Cement and PVC Products

Who said freedom of choice was a thing of the past?
It certainly wasn't us at Plywood Case Company!

Freedom of ChoiceTM

CertainTeed offers you the most comprehensive exterior product selection in the industry. That wide selection gives you more to choose from and makes it easier than ever to choose the exterior that best represents your taste, personality and attitude.

We call it Freedom of Choice

Expand your style to the great outdoors. Create unique Living SpacesTM. Transform your yard into a playroom, your deck, a cafe. CertainTeed offers everything you need. Let Freedom of Choice make your siding decision a confident one and your home a beautiful reflection of you. Freedom of ChoiceTM is an open invitation to express the real you. And with CertainTeed's comprehensive range of siding products and accents, you have more ways to express yourself than ever before.

We at Plywood Case Company are proud to be your dealer for CertainTeed Fiber Cement sidings along with their maintenance free PVC trim boards.

House with CertainTeed Fiber Cement sidings

For further information on CertainTeed Fiber Cement and PVC products, visit their website at www.certainteed.com.