Plywood Case stands out in many areas but the number one area is service. I have found over the years that the cheapest price does not guarantee materials will be on the jobsite in a timely manner so many subcontractors can keep working. That is very important to me as a contractor and Plywood Case always delivers materials when they say they will. Their pricing is also competitive which is important to our bottom line....

Phil McGukin
McGukin Construction Company, Inc.

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In August of 1928 a young man named James Vester Hamrick was asked by a local cotton gin to make a few plywood cases for the storage and shipment of cotton seed fibers. This contract was the start of a family business which grew and prospered for the next 78 + years. Mr. Hamrick would often walk through the shop reminding his employees, "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right." It was not uncommon to see him tear a box apart when it did not meet his specifications. Built on this philosophy, the company outgrew its original location on Bradley Street across from the Carrollton Depot.

In 1945 Mr. Hamrick purchased the D.F. "Doc" New Lumber Company located on a dead end street behind what was then the Carrollton Coca Cola Bottling Company. The lumber business; however, was not new to Mr. Hamrick. Years before Hamrick was responsible for shipping the first train car load of pulpwood out of Carroll County from a Temple, Georgia sidetrack.

The lumber company's emphasis on quality products and services was well received in the community. By 1958 the company had again outgrown its facilities and moved to its current location at 1611 North Hyw. 27, two miles north of Carrollton.

In March of 1972 Mr. Hamrick gave the hand of his daughter in marriage to Rusty Lambert, an employee of Mr. Hamrick. Eight years later, Hamrick sold the business to his son-in-law who continues to run the company today. "A lot of things have changed in the last 26 years, but our principles remain the same," said Lambert.

In 1928 Hamrick made and sold the best plywood cases around. Walking through the old shop today, he would probably be suprised to see the changes in the tools, lumber, millwork, and other materials which are on display. And while a lot has changed, Mr. Hamrick would be right at home with the friendly service and quality of materials. "Doc" New would also be especially proud of the current owner and operator of Plywood Case Company; for Rusty Lambert is his great grandson.

So while history came full circle between these two families, another business decision was made in 1991 to hire a local gentleman by the name of David Adams. Adams came to Plywood Case Company with past building experience and an eagerness to learn new products. Since then, David has acheived the position of store manager. "David is one of the most dedicated employees I have ever been involved with," said Lambert. "His vast knowledge of special order millwork and professionalism is not only a plus for the company, but is also advantagious for the customer."

"We are often asked what makes us different," said Lambert. "My reply is simple. We take personal interest in our customers and we have remained relatively small for that very reason."

There are many decisions to be made during the building process and Plywood Case Company takes pride in working with both the contractor and the homeowner to ensure that all decisions are educated ones, and no unwanted surprises arise. Building a dream home is an experience and Plywood Case Company wants to ensure that it is a pleasant one.